Who We Are

Boston Pride Hockey, Inc. (BPH) thrives on being an all-inclusive organization of dedicated hockey players. Our current membership includes individuals of all backgrounds, orientations, ages and skill levels. 

Our organization also does more than just play hockey. Most members participate in numerous social events throughout the year including overnight trips, after-skate socials, local community events, cookouts and more.  Over the years the members have formed strong social bonds and continue to be active together both on and off the ice.

How We Started

Boston Pride Hockey, Inc. (BPH) was initially formed in the early 1990's as a local club team. It was sponsored by a bar and had roughly 20 members, each with varying levels of skill and commitment.  As word spread about our existence the organization began to flourish, welcoming both LGBT and LGBT-friendly straight members. 

Today we are over 100 members strong and continue to grow. Our growth spiked in 1998 around the time of our first Gay Games attendance in Amsterdam where Team Boston arrived back on US soil with our first gold medal. The gold medal trend continued at the following Gay Games in Sydney and Chicago. BPH teams also won medals in Cologne (bronze) and Cleveland (silver).  Although the Gay Games occur only every four years (like the Olympics), we also participate in many smaller, local and national tournaments throughout the year, including Chicago, Montreal, New York City, Toronto and more.

Our Goal

The goal of our hockey club is to provide a place where men and women, whether gay, straight, bisexual or trans, can participate in a sport they love. Boston Pride Hockey, Inc. (BPH) is proud to have a diverse membership spanning the LGBTQ spectrum, as well as the spectrum of on-ice experience. We're proud to say that we welcome everyone to play or watch (we love our fans!) and to be a member of BPH. We maintain an inclusive, supportive community regardless of skill levels, and every skater is valued.

One thing every member is required to have is a passion for hockey!

BPH will continue to be the place where anyone can come and feel welcome. Please contact us if you'd like more information.

Feel free to stop by one of our scrimmages to play or just to meet the gang.