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Gay Games 10/Paris 2018


The Gay Games are held every 4 years and feature athletes from all over the world. BPH has participated in the past 5 games and we're beginning preparations for this years games in Paris.


Gay Games Paris is being held from August 4th-12th in 2018. The schedule for Ice Hockey has not been published yet, so we are unaware of when the tournament will start.

How Much?

Registration costs are $209. Hotel discounts have not been provided. GG10 estimates the total cost of participation including travel and accommodations would exceed $2000.

OK, I'm Interested. What Now?

BPH is currently gauging interest from membership to decide how to proceed with roster building and team levels. All interested members regardless of skill level should express their interest using the form below. The results of this survey will guide the board how to best move forward... please participate!

*NOTE* Please fill out this form even if you've expressed interest to board members in the locker room, at the bar or on the ice. This is the official list. GET ON IT! ALSO... make sure you've filled out your player ranking!

GG10/Paris Survey

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