Join BPH at the Boston Pride Parade

Boston Pride Hockey, Inc. has once again registered as a participant in the annual Boston Pride Parade.  This year's parade starts at noon on Saturday, June 11th. We invite and encourage everyone associated with BPH to join us in the parade to support and promote the organization.  We know that many of our players and supporters were made aware of the opportunity to join BPH from our presence in the parade. 

Our exact assembly spot and assembly time will be e-mailed to our parade marshals the day before the parade. We will publish that information when it is available. However, if you plan to march with us or are considering doing so, please e-mail Bob Monahan so we can be sure you get all necessary information. 

Marchers are asked to bring your BPH jersey and a hockey stick. A very limited number of extra jerseys will be available for those that need them at the parade.