BPH Design Contest

Put on your creative hats and design a portfolio for our next organization wide logo, social media themes, website logo/theme, logo for our team hockey jerseys, t-shirts, sweatshirts, infant (or any age) onesies, etc.

Design Criteria

Almost anything goes. The organization name is not changeable, it will remain Boston Pride Hockey, but feel free to use Boston Pride Hockey or BPH. If retro is your thing, Lasers (our former upper level team name) and Lobsters (our former recreational level team name) can be used as well.


11:59 pm, Tuesday, June 5, 2018.

All entries must be in some easy to open format and post-able to our website, social media, and able to be emailed and shared through google drive.    


All ideas and submissions can be sent to Mark Tikonoff.


The BPH board will vote on the designs and narrow the entries down to 2 finalists. A non-binding vote will be held at Dan's Post-Pride Parade party and all attendees may vote. The Board will be informed of the results of that non-binding vote.  The Board will select the winner from the two finalists and the existing design at the first board meeting after Pride Week.